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LOSCH Airport Service is a specialist company for services around the area of aviation. LOSCH stands for long-standing experience, high service and safety standards, innovation and trust. The family owned company was founded in 1990, and consistently developed over the twenty five years of its existence into an excellent specialist for ground traffic services, passage services, handling coordination, aircraft cabin cleaning, airfreight turnover, night airmail handling and aircraft guarding. The LOSCH group has, throughout Germany, approximately 1,650 employees.

Apart from the headquarters in Stuttgart, the company is represented at the Memmingen, Cologne/Bonn and Weeze/Lower Rhine regional airports; at Munich airport it is present with the Swissport Losch joint venture since 2009. At Stuttgart airport, LOSCH Airport Service additionally holds a 25 percent stake in SAG Stuttgart Airport Ground Handling GmbH, a spin-off from the airport Stuttgart company.

LOSCH Airport Service GmbH is the only German service provider who has been family managed right from the start. The company is renowned throughout Germany for its demanding safety standards, the high quality of its technological equipment, its innovation, performance-oriented remuneration model as well as its competent and engaged employees. Customers appreciate LOSCH as an experienced and solid partner, who combines its know-how with a very high service quality, in an open, trusting and friendly working environment.

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Press release from 04.05.2017

LOSCH Airport Service obtains ground handling licence at Stuttgart airport

Stuttgart airport once again counts on an experienced partner

LOSCH Airport Service Stuttgart GmbH has once again prevailed in an EU-wide bidding process and obtained the ground handling service licence for the Stuttgart airport apron areas. This licence is awarded by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Transport for the duration of seven years and is effective from June 2017. It is already the third ground handling licence in a row for this experienced Stuttgart family enterprise.

“It is a valuable recognition of our daily work that we were confirmed as an experienced and reliable employer at Stuttgart airport for another seven years. We are happy about the trust that the Ministry of Transport, the FSG airport company and their works council put in our company. We are glad about the trust of our customers, who have voted for us in the User Committee,” said Marc Losch, the managing director of LOSCH Airport Service Stuttgart GmbH. “In particular, we are thrilled that we can offer our employees safe jobs at our headquarters in Stuttgart for the future. My special thanks and my respect goes to them, because it’s our employees who commit themselves for our customers day after day and render excellent services,” said Mr. Losch.

Upon receiving the new licence, LOSCH Airport Service Stuttgart GmbH will expand their range of services at Stuttgart airport: With the new “Flight Operations” and “Passenger Services” business areas, it will offer complete handling consisting of both, passage and apron services, in future.

Press release from 20.01.2017

New managing director of WISAG LOSCH Passage Service

Frank Riedel appointed new managing director

From January 2017, Frank Riedel from Losch Airport Service was appointed new managing director of WISAG LOSCH Passage Service at Cologne/Bonn airport, alongside Roland Ückert from Wisag Aviation Service. He replaces Ingo Lau, who fulfils the role of managing director at Airlink Passage Service Berlin.

With Frank Riedel, WISAG LOSCH Passage Service gains an experienced specialist. Mr. Riedel has been working in the area of ground handling services at various airports for 16 years; as Losch Airport Service’s Head of Station at Stuttgart airport since 2001, and as a managing director of Losch Airport Service Allgäu GmbH at Memmingen airport since 2012. “Since the launch of WISAG LOSCH Passage Service in October 2016, we are experiencing a very positive development. What we are especially glad about is the fact that we further stabilised our operations department thanks to the engagement of our 50 employees. They form a great team, and it’s not only us as the employer who is very happy with their performance, but our client and Cologne/Bonn airport as well,” said Mr. Riedel.

WISAG LOSCH Passage Service at the Cologne/Bonn location renders passage services for approximately 7,000 flights annually for the Irish airline Ryanair. Services comprise of air passenger service before departure, during transit and after arrival, including ticket sale, check-in, boarding und baggage tracing.

Press release from 04.10.2016

New location at Cologne/Bonn airport

WISAG LOSCH takes over passage services for Ryanair

From 1st October, WISAG LOSCH Passage Service now also provides its services at the Cologne/Bonn airport location and takes over passenger handling for approximately 7,000 Ryanair flights per year.

In connection with the associated company Service2fly, LOSCH Airport Service has been handling flights of the Irish airline at Weeze airport since as far back as 2005 and is an experienced service partner for Ryanair. Together with Wisag Aviation Service, LOSCH now offers services that include the care for air passengers before departure, in transit and after landing at the Cologne/Bonn airport location under the newly established company name WISAG LOSCH Passage Service. This includes ticket sale, check-in, boarding and baggage tracing. The new WISAG LOSCH team starts with 50 employees. “Ryanair is a long-standing partner of ours, and we are happy to offer our services at Cologne/Bonn airport now as well,” said Ingo Lau, who, together with Roland Ückert from Wisag Aviation Service, has taken over the business management of WISAG LOSCH Passage Service.

Press release from 12.10.2016

Innovation project scale-up

LOSCH expands emission-free handling at Stuttgart airport

LOSCH Airport Service cooperates with Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH (FSG) in an innovation project scale-up aimed at an environmentally friendly aircraft handling thanks to electromobility. This joined field trial will answer important questions, amongst others about the technological maturity and the operating behaviour of electric devices, over the coming three years. Renowned Öko-Institut e.V., which supports the practical application with scientific advice, also joined the programme.

“Even today, our environmentally friendly drive technology in the apron areas of Stuttgart airport is considered exemplary throughout Germany. Thanks to scale-up, our company gets a good step closer to our target, to reach a completely emission-free handling process“, commented Marc Losch, the managing director of LOSCH Airport Service. Scale-up is promoted by the Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Construction and Nuclear Safety (“BMUB”). Overall costs of this project amount to EUR 4.5 million, and the Federal Ministry promotes this project consortium with funding of EUR 1.94 million.

With LOSCH and FSG, two competitors have joined forces in order to bundle their knowledge and experience in terms of electromobility – this is unique in Germany. Scale-up should not remain an exotic one-off project, but rather serve as an example for this industry. LOSCH and FSG want to make all recommendations for actions and research results available to the public, which can, in this way, be transferred to other airports worldwide.

E-mobility from scratch

Electric motors are nothing new for LOSCH Airport Service. The company already started converting its own vehicle and equipment fleet a few years ago towards environmentally compatible propulsion technologies. So called aircraft tugs are, for instance, already electrically driven. “An electric device has completely different requirements than a petrol engine vehicle. Which battery is the better one? How do you make your employees aware of partially present high voltages? How do you integrate charging times into the cycle of take-offs and landings? In this area, we’ve gathered a lot of experience in recent years, and certainly also learnt the hard way sometimes,” says Max Losch, who as an engineer of the internal technological expert company LOSCH Airport Equipment GmbH, has essentially initiated and pushed forward this project. For Dr. Losch, the almost 80 year old inventor, this is an affair of the heart: “Our e-mobility expertise was learnt from scratch and does not follow any trend. And that makes it so valuable not least for our competitor and scale-up partner company FSG.” In connection with the scale-up project, LOSCH now also converts its conveyor belts for luggage, cargo and mail into electrically driven devices. Twelve devices will be newly purchased. The company expects purchase costs of 68,100 Euro per conveyor belt.

Press contact: Sina Salzer, Phone: +49 (0)711 990 88 34,

Press release from 01.09.2014

New customer

Losch Airport Service Stuttgart – ramp handling: Austrian Airlines as a new customer

Losch Airport Service Stuttgart has taken over the handling for Austrian Airlines at Stuttgart airport with effect of 1st September 2014. With up to 5 flights per day and about 1,600 flights per year, this Star Alliance carrier connects Stuttgart with the Austrian airports Vienna, Salzburg and Graz. This contract was concluded for a period of three years. The Losch Airport Service team is happy that Austrian Airlines trusts our company in terms of quality and performance.

Press release from 14.08.2014

New company wage agreement

Losch Airport Service Stuttgart as well as the dbb/komba and ver.di unions jointly consented to a new company wage agreement

Attractive remuneration, higher performance and preservation of competitiveness

Stuttgart – Losch Airport Service Stuttgart as well as the dbb/komba and ver.di unions have jointly consented to a new company wage agreement on 7th August 2014, which retrospectively applies from 1. July 2014 and only expires on 31.12.2017. “I don’t know of any wage agreement in our industry, which was cooperatively negotiated with several unions and identically agreed. The duration of 3.5 years is also unusually long and speaks for the sustainability of this multilateral agreement. With the new company wage agreement, we have jointly achieved a lot for our employees,” says Marc Losch, the managing director of Losch Airport Service Stuttgart GmbH.

And what is, on top of that, especially attractive for the employees: the performance bonus model remains in place. The Losch employees can increase their wage by another 10 to 20 percent in addition to the increased basic wage. “That our unique wage model was integrated into the company wage agreement, happened upon the express desire of our employees,” reported Losch. Additionally, the contract specifies, that the basic wage per hour should amount to Euro 10.00 for the lowest wage group at the end of the duration. Wage increases of 5.5% over the company wage agreement duration are agreed, plus a Sunday bonus and the transformation of part-time into full-time contracts of 162 hours per month, as well as the increase of holidays towards up to 30 per year, in stages. The introduction of an employer funded company pension in stages – an additional pension scheme for the employees – was also agreed.

With the new company wage agreement, Losch Airport Service Stuttgart secures its competitiveness and the approximately 130 jobs at Stuttgart airport for the long term. “We owe this success to the atmosphere of mutual respect, in which we were able to negotiate with the union representatives and our employees,” according to Losch, who particularly emphasises the constructive cooperation with chief negotiators Rudolf Hausmann from ver.di and Andreas Hemsing from dbb/komba as well as with the employees in the bargaining committee. “For Losch Airport Service Stuttgart, the success of our company is closely connected with our employees’ satisfaction and our competitiveness,” says Marc Losch, “and by all of us, including the unions, pulling together, we have achieved a lot.”

Press release from 29.06.2010


Losch Airport Service receives “Condor Operational Excellence Award 2010”

On 29.06.2010, Loch Airport Service Stuttgart GmbH was awarded with the “Condor Operational Excellence Award 2010” for „Best On Time Performance Germany“. Werner Losch happily accepted this award.

Press release from 17.11.2009

Ground handling licence

Losch Airport Service is, together with their partner company Swissport, jointly awarded with the ground handling licence for Munich airport.

Losch Airport Service, the locally operating airport service company, is happy about being awarded with the ground handling licence at Munich airport. Together with their joint venture partner Swissport International, the globally leading aviation services company, Losch Airport Service was able to prevail against numerous renowned competitors in this official tender. The seven-year ground handling licence authorises Swissport/Losch to operate in the apron areas (to provide so-called ramp services). The start of operations is scheduled for 1st March 2010.