Qualitäts- und Unternehmenspolitik
LOSCH Qualitätssiegel für Umwelt
Umwelt- und Energiepolitik

Our quality policy

Close to the customer, entrepreneurial forward thinking, self-confident employees.

Our core objectives are satisfaction of our customers at a high level, deep involvement of our employees in the quality processes and future sustainability of our company. For the success of our customers, for a healthy business, for a self-confident workforce.

Our quality and environmental policy is aligned with the requirements of our customers. Our employees put these high standards into practice on a daily basis. That’s why we consistently involve them into quality processes. We meet our employees with appreciation and offer them solid training and further qualification opportunities in our company.

Competent employees, who are satisfied with their workplace, identify themselves with their employer and showcase the company’s personality to the outside world in the best possible way. This personal character gives LOSCH distinction. Taken literally in the close personal contact with people and in the way we serve our customers as a distinctive and flexible service provider.

We strengthen our company objectives with the following measures:

  • Customer proximity

  • Focus on core services

  • Continuous new and further development of our services

  • Motivating our employees to think and act customer and quality oriented as well as cost aware and forward looking

  • Promoting the employee identification with the company

  • Flexible organisation and flat hierarchies

Our environmental and energy policy

We lead by example.

LOSCH business group is committed to the efficient use and protection of all resources. In order to measure and prove this claim, we have introduced an environmental and energy management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001 and DIN EN ISO 50001. Our strategic and operative objectives are geared up to always keeping up to date with the latest developments. We continuously further develop our processes.

Our environmental and energy officer ensures that all relevant legal obligations and requirements are met and reviewed in regular intervals. Our employees are integrated in the implementation and practical realisation of our management system as well as regularly trained regarding environmental and energy topics.

What do we jointly want to achieve? We want to further reduce energy consumption and to continuously reduce the CO2 emissions associated with it!

The following basic principles apply to the responsible use of energy:

  • Resource consumption is continuously determined, analysed and evaluated

  • Environmental performance indicators are communicated in a transparent way

  • Employee awareness for environmental topics is raised

  • Technological prerequisites are regularly reviewed

  • We strive to operate our facilities by using the energy sources in the most efficient way possible

  • When systems or facilities are newly planned and purchased, we consider their energy efficiency